Helping Landlords And Tenants Find Solutions

Both renters and landlords recognize how important it is to resolve conflicts as soon as they arise. With real estate at a premium in Long Island, any issues can make things extremely difficult for both parties. Tenants may need to find a new place to live, while landlords might see their property tied up in costly litigation.

At LaVelle Law & Associates, P.C., our attorneys develop creative solutions regarding problems facing landlords and tenants. We realize the impact that these disputes have upon a person, family or business, and we want to make sure that smaller problems do not turn into larger issues that result in a more uncertain future.

Focused On Improving The Relationship Between Landlords And Tenants

We examine the entire situation to determine the actual problems that need to be addressed. We discuss possible options with our clients, and make sure that they understand their choices at this time. We help both commercial and residential landlords and tenants resolve a number of different legal problems, including:

  • Disputes concerning unpaid rent or problem tenants
  • Problems concerning the failure of the landlord to repair defects
  • Evictions, including post-foreclosure evictions
  • Lease drafting and review

Our attorneys have handled cases throughout Suffolk County and the East End. We strive to find an efficient resolution to these issues, so that you will be able to enjoy a more positive relationship with your landlord or tenant.

In the event that we cannot find a solution to your concerns, our lawyers have extensive experience litigating landlord and tenant issues inside the courtroom. We will aggressively advocate for your positions. We are confident in our ability to obtain results for our clients.

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