How We Can Help You Save Your Home

Suffolk County homeowners were hit hard in the recent recession. Many families struggled with excessive mortgage payments or lost a substantial amount of the equity that they had in their homes. When meeting these obligations proved impossible, many of these homeowners found themselves facing foreclosure, threatening to leave them without a place to live.

At LaVelle Law & Associates, P.C., our attorneys represent homeowners who are having financial difficulties. We understand that this is a very serious issue in your life. We work hard to help keep you in your home for as long as possible, and we also help you understand the options available to you to deal with your high mortgage payments.

Helping You Protect Your Home

Every person's financial situation is different, and it is important that we meet with you to decide how you want to move forward. We discuss all of the solutions to your current legal problems, and then you can determine what will work out best for you and your future. There are many different ways to resolve these issues, and we work directly with your lenders to learn more about their specific requests and concerns.

When appropriate, we will make every attempt to work out a loan modification to keep the home and prevent a foreclosure sale. If possible, we will seek an agreement that makes your payments more affordable. Should foreclosure proceedings already be in effect, we can help preserve your defenses and litigate the action, if necessary.

In addition, our attorneys also have extensive experience with the Federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). HAMP allows homeowners to modify the terms of their mortgages, making their monthly mortgage payments more affordable. There are specific qualifications that must be met, and we can help you determine if you meet these criteria.

If You Are Facing Foreclosure, You Need To Take Immediate Action

To schedule a free consultation, please call our lawyers at 631-438-1967 or send us an email. We will help you understand the options that are available that may allow you to keep your home.