Representation During Probation And Parole Violation Hearings

It is important to understand the impact that a probation or parole violation can have upon you. Even a seemingly minor violation can result in harsh sentencing and jail time.

The attorneys at LaVelle Law & Associates, P.C., can help you understand your prospects when you face a probation or parole violation. We will guide you through the process and work toward protecting your rights.

The Guidelines For Probation And Parole

Probation is meant to provide those charged with crimes an alternative to prison. Parole concerns an early release from prison. However, under either circumstance, the conditions of probation and parole can be very narrow. Violations can include the failure of a drug or alcohol screen, failure to timely report to or check in with your probation officer or accusations that you had personal interactions with a felon.

While you do have rights when it comes to probation or parole hearing, it is necessary to have experienced criminal defense representation. The process is complex. In New York, a violation can result in the maximum sentence of your original offense being imposed. You also may not receive credit for the time you already served while on probation. The time you will have to spend in prison could also last the entire balance of your parole or probationary period. Finally, the burden of proof in demonstrating a probation or parole violation is extremely low.

Lawyer William LaVelle has routinely represented New York residents regarding probation and parole matters for over 20 years. His representation includes criminal defense representation for individuals facing both misdemeanor and felony arrests. Such representation includes thorough investigation of every case.

Mr. LaVelle also is able to challenge evidence and accusations brought by parole officers, prosecutors or other witnesses. He understands the policies and procedures that apply to probation and parole hearings. He is also able to demonstrate whether extenuating circumstances apply in the event particular probation or parole conditions are not being met.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Who Can Protect Your Rights

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